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After 10 weeks of training you will be mentally and physically ready to take on your opponent and reveal your new boxing skills under the bright lights. Like a professional boxing match you will enter the ring like a star and raise your hands in celebration for completing your road to glory.

Road To Glory Rules

  • Men and women can participate
  • All participants must be aged 18 to 55 to compete
  • All boxers train together to ensure fairly matched bouts
  • All boxers have a medical check before and after they box
  • All contests are fought over 3 rounds of 2 minutes with 1 minute intervals
  • 16oz gloves to be worn approved by RTG Boxing
  • Full headgear to be worn
  • Groin protection is advised
  • Scoring is done by 3 ringside judges accumulated over all 3 rounds
  • Three 8 counts in a round result in referee stopping contest
  • The referee can stop the contest at any stage if in their professional opinion it is deemed necessary
  • Only the Referee can declare the end of the contest