Training Sessions

Road To Glory contenders train as a group twice a week with a flexible schedule of two night time training sessions and two morning sessions to accommodate everyone.
TrainingRoad To Glory Training Session For All involves learning boxing techniques, cardio work outs and nutritional advice. To create the athletic physique you desire.

Training with up to 30 people, the comradery and friendship that grows within the group is an unrepeatable experience that cannot be described!

Training Note:

We understand that people work shifts or need child care, so we run morning sessions to ensure everyone can take part.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the programme is £200 and a payment plan is available to help spread the cost if required. Many past contenders have found sponsorship from their employer/local companies to help with covering the cost of training.

Additionally, contenders will receive £5 commission for every ticket sold for the main event at the end of the programme. This money can be used to help cover training costs, be donated towards a charity of your choice or pay for a holiday at the end of the programme – the choice is yours!

Included within programme for no extra cost:

  • 10 weeks training worth over £150
  • Top Ten Olympic standard head guard worth £60
  • Road To Glory Boxing gloves worth £35
  • Road To Glory T-Shirt worth £20
  • Road To Glory boxing kit worth £40
  • Hand wraps worth £5
  • Gum shield worth £5
  • The opportunity to compete in front of a packed crowd with family and friends – Priceless!

What to expect on the first night of training!