Story of our contender – Marie Wright

Marie's Road to GloryMy name is Marie Wright and I have set up my gofundme page because I am taking a part in ‘Road to Glory’ white collar boxing on November 19th.

I am taking part because I want to return the favour of support toward anti-domestic violence to help the extra needs and care support for Deaf women/men. It occurred to me how expensive it is for them to have an BSL Interpreter and Deaf qualified counsellors and they need more of them so they’ll able to help many other Deaf women/men who suffer with domestic violence.

The charities I chose to donate are Deafhope (UK’s only sign-language based service to help deaf women and children who suffer from domestic abuse) and Stay Safe East (user-led organisation of disabled people to tackle violence and abuse in London Borough of Waltham Forest). They have been hugely supportive of me since I first turned to them for their support and they made me realise that I’ve been a victim of domestic violence.

So I am taking part because it would be a big challenge for me to do and show everyone including survivors that I’ve made through it and became a survivor and want to return the favour to the charities that have changed mine and my children’s lives.

SignHealth Death Hope
Stay Safe East

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